A Saxophonist's Prayer

Highest Note: 

I have had many requests about "The Saxophonist's Prayer" a song I wrote for a recent video I posted on Facebook. The Video is a synopsis of those people who influenced me on sax and some saxophonist's who inspired me in such a positive way. I am putting the track on my website (without me playing) so you can play along or record it yourself.

The download has 3 versions of the track. 

  1. The track with no click that you could put into your computer to record with at 70 bpm. 
  2. A track which has an upright bass playing through the "rubato" section so you can play live and hear the tempo moving.
  3. A track with me playing for your own reference.

Note there is a short piano solo playing the melody the 2nd time -feel free to noodle or play around that in your performance. Lastly I put the mp4 of my video so you can see where I came from.

It's $15 for all this stuff. I hope you can use it!   
Tom Kubis