Getten’Kinda Friendly

Highest Note: 

An uptempo samba starting with the flugelhorn flute and soprano saxophone playing the melody referencing a little bit of just friends. The trombones have the melody the second half and then the melody again is restated with the flute in Flugel going into the solo section. Most people know the court changes so there’s plenty of room for everybody to play! The first ensemble is a counterpoint line between the trumpet in the trombones then followed by a counterpoint line between the altos and the tenors before going into the full shout chorus at the end. A lot of re-harmonization here as you were hear then the melody again is restated in the saxophones to finish it out. It’s a pretty exciting piece! This is a good one to finish the set on and feature people that you didn’t get a chance to feature during the normal set because everybody knows the chord changes.